Carta for lunch summer 2017

Carta for lunch summer 2017


    Anchovies with bread and tomato
    Beef carpaccio with mustard vinaigrette and Parmesan
    Caprese salad
    Cod cold salad
    Gazpacho (tomato cold soup) with croutons and pieces of vegetables
    Greek salad with tomato, cherry tomato, feta cheese and yogurt
    Iberian ham with bread and tomato
    Mediterranean salad
    Melon with ham

    Battered squid (andalusian style)
    Iberian ham croquettes
    Provolone cheese baked with oregano and pineapple
    Scrambled eggs with potatoes and ham
    Steamed mussels or with marinara sauce
    White rice with tomato and egg (a la cubana)

    Four Cheese Macaroni
    Macaroni carbonara
    Macarroni Bolognese

    Beef burger with cheese, bacon, egg, fries and salad
    Grilled chicken breast with fries and salad
    Pork loin with cheese and fries
    Skewer beef with grilled potatoes and tomato sauce

    Blue fin tuna with ironed potatoes and salad
    Grilled squid with rice
    Salmon with sautéed vegetables and rice
    Swordfish with fries and salad

    Xocolate coulant
    Catalan cream
    Flan with cream
    Lemon sorbet with vodka
    Truffles with cream

Night's menu summer 2017

Night's menu summer 2017


    Shrimp ceviche.
    Grilled prawns.
    Foie raviolis with mushroom sauce.
    Grilled vegetables with melted provolone cheese.
    Dry tomato parmentier, poached egg and smoked sardine.
    Marinated salmon with sesame cream, avocado emulsion, soy gellé and seasoned tomato.
    Goat cheese salad with avocado, walnuts and honey vinaigrette
    Watermelon salad with anchovies, tapenade of black olives and yogurt.
    100% Iberian ham with bread “coca de vidre”.
    Salmorejo with clouds of goat cheese and minced Iberian ham (tomato cold soup).
    Cold cream of parmesan, grilled scallops and green asparagus.
    Burrata with carpaccio of tomato, emulsion of basil and purple onion.
    Tuna with sweet soy sauce and sesame vinaigrette.

    Hake with bean cream, baby carrot and beet tartar.
    Monkfish with peanut butter, avocado and roasteds.
    Sea bass grilled with citrus meunier, apple gellé and fennel salad.
    Cod cooked with low temperature with spinach, granulated spicy pork sausage and honey alioli.
    Grilled tuna with sauteed mango and crunchy nori seaweed.
    Grilled salmon with smoked carrot puree and sauteed vegetables with sweet soy.

    Grilled mature Ribeye with potato and herbs butter 1kg (2 pax).
    Iberian pork with beans and mushrooms.
    Veal mellow with creamy mashed potatoes and mushrooms.
    Ecological beef sirloin with mushroom sauce and vegetables.
    Ecological chicken cooked with low temperature, creamy sweet potatoes and its reduction.
    Duck cannelloni with foie cream and reduction of brandy.

    Chickpeas casserole with eggplant and coconut milk.

    Apple pie Tatin.
    Variety of cheeses.
    Coulant "Valrhona" (chocolate).
    Mojito sorbet with mint and lime.
    Carrot cake with Chantilly ice cream and walnuts.
    Marinated Pineapple tartar with vanilla and coconut foam.
    Cheesecake under construction with gold and red fruits.